Welcome to my Murmurations

Dr. Patricia Griffin   Twitter @drgriffin216  Email pgriffin216@gmail.com

Welcome to my Murmurations.  During the past twenty-five years, I have spent the majority of my career teaching and leading in the public school system, both as a special education teacher and as a building level and district administrator.  I am passionate about preparing students for learning and working in the present and while being catalysts in the creation of the unknown future, what some refer to as the 21st Century, although we are twenty years past its dawn. Due to my experience and research, I recognize that our present school design-school culture is out-dated and unable to provide students with the innovative learning opportunities that allow them to experience student autonomy, to engage in authentic product-oriented practices, and to discover the the global campus in a world that desires and requires entrepreneurs, creators, and risk-takers.  In order to accomplish this, the traditional school model must undergo a transformation, a shift in paradigm and a yearning for the innovative school model that school reform efforts purport to foster.

To that end, I have researched and continue to research the degree of innovation in school design-school culture in order to uncover the core of innovation that exists in the elements and components in learning communities.  By revealing a learning organization’s taxonomy of innovation, students, teachers, and administrators can work together to define and purpose an innovative school design-school culture.  Basing my theoretical constructs on the views of Yong Zhao’s innovative indicators, Peter Senge’s organizational learning, and Otto Scharmer’s U Theory, I developed the nomenclature that deconstructs and synthesizes school design-school culture in order for educators to first determine their organization’s core of innovation  and then to confront and challenge the barriers that they perceive prevents them from creating the future school model that students require and deserve.

This blog allows me to share my notions, ideas, experience, and research with the educational community at large.  Admittedly, I am a digital immigrant, one who is continually amazed at how an expanded and enhanced professional learning network continues to enrich my learning, resources, and leadership with the unlimited potential to connect with so many outstanding educators around the world.



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