Relationships Matter on the Learning Journey

I have recently become even more keenly aware of the importance of relationships.  My blogging came to a halt because I was spending many days and/or nights visiting my cousin who was placed on palliative hospice care.  My need to say good-bye, to say thank you and I love you, as well as provide her with support took priority.  Relationships must take priority and we never know when we are called upon to rearrange our current plans to put relationships first, whether in our families or in our learning communities.  But, rearrange we must because life is really a composition of relationships; we are the notes in the song, important words on the tablet.  How powerful are relationships! 

  • Relationships provide support for family, friends, staff, and other leaders.  The network binds and propels us forward to a shared mission and vision.
  • Relationships sustain the overarching plan that includes members of our communities.  Once we create our mission and vision, it is the pool of people, reciprocally meeting the challenges and commending the milestones.
  • Relationships recognize the worth and value of others.  We sense our part in the whole picture.  Through relationships, we find trust to receive, express, and endure because we have a renewed sense of coping and capability.
  • Relationships sometimes require no words or actions, but just being there in the presence of someone.  Seek to listen rather than to be heard.  A smile, a hug, a pat on the back acknowledges a bond that another person just might need at the right time.


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